Music Rolls





1. Piccolo Pete, 2. Hallelujah, 3. Ramona, 4. Doll Dance, 5. At Sundown, 6. Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue, 7. Me And My Shadow, 8. I’ll Get By, 9. Makin’ Whoopie, 10. Singing In The Rain


1. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile, 2. Blue Pacific Moonlight, 3. Heart Ache, 4.Dream A Little Dream Of Me, 5. When I Take My Sugar To Tea, 6. Tie A Little String Around Your Finger, 7. When You Fall In Love, Fall In Love With Me, 8. 99 Out Of A Hundred Wanna Be Loved, 9. Star Dust, 10. I Surrender, Dear


1. Irma Rag, 2. Hang Over Blues, 3. Ram Rod Rag, 4. Laughing Sam Rag, 5. Tim Whistle Blues, 6. Tarantula Rag, 7. Sliding Sid Rag, 8. Mandy And Me Rag, 9. Livery Stable Blues, 10. Souther Ideal Rag


1. Dominique, 2. Sleigh Ride, 3. Silver Bells, 4. White Christmas, 5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, 6. Here Comes Santa Claus, 7. Winter Wonderland, 8. Jingle Bells, 9. Frosty The Snowman, 10. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

ROLL NO. O-102

1. I Ain’t Got Nobody, 2. Sunday, 3. Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again, 4. Painting The CLouds With Sunshine, 5. I’d Rather Be Blue Over You, 6. A Precious Little Thing Called Love, 7. I Found A Millian Dollar Baby, 8. Baby Face, 9. Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie, 10. That ertain Party

ROLL NO. O-117

1. Cheerful Little Earful, 2. Because Of You, 3. It All Depends On You, 4. At Sundown, 5. Linger Awhile, 6. Sam The Accordion Man, 7. How Come You Do Me Like You Do, 8. Coquette, 9. Ain’t She Sweet, 10. Sing A Little Love Song

ROLL NO. O-398

1. The Busted Blues, 2. The Riveters, 3. I Want My Old Girl Back, 4. The Pie Walk, 5. Bohemia, 6. Troubadour, 7. It’s All For You, 8. The Skeleton, 9. Coon’s Jubilee, 10. Smokie Sam


1. Hilo March, 2. Hawaiian Sunset, 3. Drowsy Waters, 4. Hawaiian Bluebird, 5. Hawaiian Song Of Love, 6. Aloha Oe, 7. Whispering Palms, 8. Sunny Smiles Of Hawaiia, 9. Hawaiian Love Nest, 10. Drifting And Dreaming

ROLL NO. O-109

1. That’s My Waekness Now, 2. Lucky In Love, 3. I Don’t Know Why, I Just Do, 4. Love Letters In The Sand, 5. ‘Till We Meet Again, 6. Sunday, 7. Sweet And Lovely, 8. You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, 9. A Faded Summer Love, 10. You Don’t Know The Music, I Didn’t Know The Words

ROLL NO. O-625

1. Swingin’ Down The Lane, 2. Don’t Think You’ll Be Missed, 3. I’m Drifting Back To Dreamland, 4. Beside A Babbling Brook, 5. Down By The River, 6. Who’s Sory Now, 7. River Shannon Moon, 8. Think Of Me, 9. Baby Buntin’, 10. Wet Yo’ Thumb

ROLL NO. O-801

1. Cherie, I Love You, 2. 12th Street, 3. Wondering, 4. Sweet Southern Breeze, 5. CryingFor The Moon, 6. Roses, 7. Brezin’ Along With The Breeze, 8. Lonesome Melody Fo Mine, 9. Lulu Lou, Only You And Lonely Me, 10. Reaching For The Moon

ROLL NO. O-111

1. Yes, We Have No Bananas, 2. Dinah, 3. Always, 4. Louisville Lou, 5. What Can I Say, 6. After I Say I’m Sorry, 7. I Wish’t I Was In Peoria, 8. Miss Wonderful, 9. I Love Me, 10. You Don’t Like It, Not Much


1. I Want Another Chance With You, 2. Loud Speakin’ Papa Red Hot, 3. Normandy, 4. I Want You All For Me, 5. Let Us Waltz While We Say Good Bye, 6. Angry Fast, 7. Dizzy Fingers Hot Novelty, 8. Back Home In Illinois, 9. Kinky Kids Parade, 10. I’m Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston



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